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Do you know the situation that you want to show something to the audience during a presentation? For example, a terminal session. Now you need to expose your entire screen on the projector by turning on screen mirroring. This also changes your local layout, which is very uncomfortable. The other choice is moving the window to the second display. Now the projector display is usually projected behind you, and it disappears on your screen. Here you cannot see what you are typing without twisting your body. Window Duplicator offers a solution for this.

With Window Duplicator, you no longer need to mirror your screen or twist your body. Only the desired application is mirrored onto the second display. Just select the window you want in Window Duplicator. A preview is immediately visible only to you. This will ensure that this is the right window. For example, if you have multiple instances of the same application open. After verifying that it is the window you want, just press Play. The selected window will now be projected on the second display. The window is automatically adjusted on the projected screen according to the screen resolution. You can control the size of the projected screen by resizing the window on the main screen. A window on the projected screen is only reduced in size. Scaling it is up to you.

Do you want to highlight something on the second screen? This is also possible with Window Duplicator. Activate the "Show mouse cursor on second screen" function. Window Duplicator will automatically display the mouse cursor from the first screen on the second, as long as the cursor is inside the window to be mirrored.

Using a newly included script, the window to be mirrored can automatically be moved to the top as soon as you start the mirroring.


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  • Screenshot macOS app Window Duplicator light theme.
  • Screenshot macOS app Window Duplicator dark theme.


  • Duplicate window on second display
  • Change the refresh rate of the duplicated window
  • Preview of selected window
  • Launch at login
  • Itemize into the menu bar

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Window Duplicator work with any window?
Is the duplicated window updated in real time?
No, there is a small delay between the updates. So it is not suitable to play a video.
Does Window Duplicator work without a second display?
The purpose of Window Duplicator is to assist you during a presentation, hence it requires a second display.
The play button is inactive, what is wrong?
Nothing, just attach a second display to you Mac and everything will work fine.
Window Duplicator requests "Screen Recording" permissions, why?
Catalina is more restrictive when it comes to certain functions. It is only allowed with the approval of the user to read windows titles and to read the screen or contents of a window. Hence you need to give Window Duplicator permissions to record your screen. No data is store anywhere, it just also applies to streaming.
My desired window is not in the list of Window Duplicator?
Most likely you launched the application after Window Duplicator. Just hit the refresh button and the list of available window is updated. You desired window should be there now.
Can I try Window Duplicator before I buy?
Yes! There is a special trial version to help you decide whether Window Duplicator does what you need.
macOS claims that the trial version is damaged, what can I do?
This is Gatekeeper macOS's system protector. All my trial apps are signed with an identifier developer signature. However, you need to allow such apps in your security preferences. See Apple's support document: HT202491.
I need troubleshooting or have an enhancement request, what to do?
Great, I'm always interested in feedback. In Window Duplicator use the Feedback / Issue reporting item under Help or supply your request here. I try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Can't find the answer you are looking for?