If it is impossible to imagine writing modern and robust code ...

You need new insights. You need to know how to use new features. You need to get your hands on material to transform outdated into contemporary code.

Perhaps you are thinking:

"I’ve wanted to go into the newer language features for some time now, but I didn’t get around doing it”.

Learning how to use new features of the actual standards is easier than you might think.

You can stop scrolling through an indefinite number of blog posts and videos. The content available is very variable in quality and use anyway. Instead, get everything you need to write modern C++ with the course Programming C++17 to C++20.

You know how to code. You just need the updates. That’s why you should choose Programming C++17 to C++20 when you:

  • prefer to study in your safe environment at home
  • don’t want to spend the money and time on traveling
  • like to study at your own pace
  • don’t have the opportunity to get a training at your company

A course created to fit your needs

You don't have to wait for the next unit to be published. You can discover important elements whenever you like. Whether you binge-watch the material in one night, take 15 minutes to watch a day, or study 2 hours a week, it's totally up to you and your daily schedule.

Programming C++17 to C++20 is a self-study course that explains you the essential updates that were implemented in both standards: C++17 and C++20. It is easy to understand with a pleasure to follow along.

Some highlights of the class:

  • New Language Features of C++17
  • Modern Text Formatting
  • Ranges
I really enjoyed your teaching style and the amount of information you provided.
Thank you again for the engaging and informative training. It was a great refresher for me, as I’ve mostly worked with modern C++ features in the past, but this has slowed down considerably in the past year. I especially appreciated your thoughtful insights and explanations for the reasoning behind certain features or practices.

Here is what you get:

  • 86 lessons that show you the updates in C++17 and C++20
  • 11 total hours of video content divided into short videos so you can easily track your progress
  • A handout as a color PDF, which includes all references and an acronyms list
  • The source code for the exercises and the sample solutions. The code you see on the slides is included in the ZIP file. Of course, you’ll also get a CMake file to build the exercises and solutions.

Your additional Benefit:

You will discover how easy it is to use the two open-source tools “Compiler Explorer” and “C++ insights” in your daily work. Both tools are game-changers that help you determine whether your code compiles.

Andreas Fertig speaking at a conference.

Level up. Your skills. Your code.

Switch writing C++11 or C++14 code to C++17 to C++20 Code. Do it by using new features of both standards. Only with one course.

365 days Access


  • Instant access to the course and material
  • 86 lessons
  • 11 hours of video content
  • Source code for all the material

Write modern code now

Instructor Mentoring


  • All of the features of the 365 days Access
  • 2 thirty-minute video coaching sessions with Andreas Fertig

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Just C++20s coroutines?

Spent a day deep-diving into C++20s coroutines..

C++20 Coroutine course


  • Instant access to the Coroutine course and material
  • 25 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • Source code for all the material

To C++20 Coroutines

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