What if you could use modern C++ features of current standards?

You are a C++ developer working on C++98 or C++11. It feels like you are way back in the race, and you realize that your language standard is no longer up to date. Now you want to learn more about newer standards like C++20, as new features seem to be a game-changer.

My name is Andreas. I help programmers to write modern C++ using the elements of current standards. I have been working with C++ for embedded systems for over 12 years. I like writing software for systems with low memory and all the other limitations that come with this kind of hardware.

My motto for all programming activities is: write clear and distinct code. This is a mindset that I pass on in my courses so that you can minimize errors and software runs stable.

Learn everything you need to know about C++ with standards 11, 14, 17, and C++20. Write less code for the same performance and less maintenance.

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Andreas Fertig.

The C++ training that explains modern standards easy to understand.

Choose one of the training packages such as "Programming with C++11 to C++17" or "Programming with C++20". Or contact me if you have other requirements. For a training that is individually tailored to your needs.

In the training courses, you will improve your knowledge of C++. My goal is that participants understand the content of the training and can apply it directly. So that you will be able to fix errors in your programming practice and write robust and fast code.

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Experience me as a speaker at international conferences such as CppCon, NDC TechTown, Core C++, and code::dive. Or enrich your event with an entertaining talk on modern C++.

"I saw Andreas' Cppcon 2021 talk. It nicely explained things I struggled with."

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Minimize errors with code reviews.

The quality of software is more critical today than ever. Errors in the code lead to delayed product releases. Order a code review and find possible errors before the first release.

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See your source code through the eyes of a compiler.

C++ Insights is a free tool I developed for programmers. The Clang-based tool tells you how the compiler sees your source code. C++ Insights turns a C++ input into an expanded version with everything the compiler adds to the source code behind the scenes.

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C++ Insights.

Benefit from my knowledge. Write unique code.

The C++ programming language and its main libraries have been an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard since 1998. An international team of experts from the ISO standardization committee meets regularly and develops C++ further. As a committee member, my company participates in keeping C++ sustainable.

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