Why Code Reviews are Important

The main purpose is to find questionable code early before your product reaches a customer. Reviews help to catch bugs, identify unsafe code, can spot performance or design issues. The view from an independent reviewer which is not attached to the project and the company has an additional benefit. I can point out naming things that make sense to you but not to new people on the project.

The moment someone has written a piece of code is the best moment to review it and find issues. At this moment, the person or persons know everything about that piece of code. Fixing a bug or changing constructs slightly is often a painless, fast job. Plus, no customer is yelling at someone. Bugs found by customers harm not only your reputation, but they are also more expensive to fix. Aside from creating a new release, shipping it to the customer, and installing it, someone needs to do the actual fix. At this point, even people who wrote it before are no longer 100% confident of code in question. They have to recheck and reevaluate things. That costs time. Save all this time, pain, and money by using early prevention.

On-Demand Online Code Review

You can book an individual hour of online C++ code review with me. During the order process, you can select the review items. For the review, we will use zoom. It goes without saying, anything you tell or show me during the review is confidential. I will not take any images of what is shown or discussed.

My on-demand service allows you to get my expertise when it is needed. You may struggle with the latest C++ elements one has used or like to check whether the code fulfills safety requirements.

We meet for one hour to stay focused. In case you have a larger project, or like additional reviews, you can order another review.

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Code Review Items

We will review various items. During the order process you can select which one you want. You have the following options:

  • Design

    One of the most important things to cover is the overall design. Here we answer questions like does this change integrate well with the rest of your code. Have all interactions of this code with existing pieces have taken into account?

  • Coding style

    I check for a consistent coding-style. You probably have a style-guide for your project, I can use that to do a couple of style checks. Usually there is room for interpretation, I may have good advise for you. For example, always think that there are a lot of other people who will touch your code and with that have to understand it quickly.

  • Safety

    I check for common traps and pitfalls with safety like buffer overflows, out-of-memory, or nullptr access.

  • Naming

    Well, naming is hard. I can give you my unbiased view on the names chosen. You may act within your domain and certain names are perfectly fine there, however think about new employees and whether the names are unambiguously meaningful for them.

  • Usage of modern C++ techniques

    Since 2011, C++ evolves every three years. Keeping track is now part of a C++ developer's life. I have a strong knowledge of all Standards since C++11 and may point out some misunderstandings or even improvements, for example using an algorithm of the STL instead of handwritten code.

  • Performance

    I review the aspects of performance. This can be using different STL algorithms or containers for the job.

  • Documentation

    A very important point is documentation. It is not required to make the code work, but it is vital to keep the code maintainable for years.

  • Clarity & Maintainability

    Here I check whether the code seems to do just the job it is supposed to do. Does it look clear and not complex? Can readers understand it quickly? Is it likely that others may introduce bugs when touching this code.

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3 Steps to Your Successful On-Demand Online Code Review

Code review purchase step 1

Step 1

Book your code-review with me

Code review purchase step 2

Step 2

Pick a time from my calendar and schedule the review

Code review purchase step 3

Step 3

Get your code reviewed and ship high quality code

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On-Demand Online Code Review Benefits

  • Bookable at any time

    You can book and take advantage of the review at any time.

  • Unbiased Perspective

    You get my unbiased perspective.

  • Ship high quality code

    Code reviews reduce the number of bugs and allow you to ship high quality code.

  • Save time

    Save time by spending only a little now and catch issues early by bringing on another pair of eyes. Your customers will thank it.

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