The pdcnotes style file lets you create notes for Projektor from within LaTeX beamer. Just include the file with \usepackage{pdcnotes}. Now, you can add notes with \pdcnote{YOUR NOTE}. Overlays are supported as well an itemize lists, like the note command from LaTeX beamer. As a result there is a new file JOBNAME.notes. This file together with the PDF can be converted into a PDC format with pdcCreator.py. See Projektor for further reference.


  • Create Projektor compatible notes with LaTeX beamer.
  • Overlay support.


The resulting output after a LaTeX run is a XML file looking like this:

<notes version="1.0" font-size="18">
  <note number="1">Note text.</note>

The entry note number equals the slide number to which the note is linked. Multiple notes for one slide are allowed. With the font-size attribute you can set the font-size of the notes in Projektor.