Mirror Display Control


Are you annoyed that macOS 'automatic screen mirroring makes your screen with potentially private content visible to the public? Would you prefer to turn off mirroring by default? Then Mirror Display Control is just right for you. The simple application is located in the menu bar of macOS and gives you full control over the screen reflection. You can control whether or not the second screen is mirrored automatically. In addition, you can force mirroring on screens where mirroring was last disabled. Of course, you can also switch the current mirror state directly in the menu of Mirror Display Control.

For even greater security, you can configure Mirror Display Control to start directly at logon. So you do not have to worry abou newly connected screens. All screens now behave the way you configured them. Your private content is safe.


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  • Screenshot macOS app Mirror Display Control light theme.
  • Screenshot macOS app Mirror Display Control dark theme.


  • Toggle mirror display configuration via the menu bar
  • Automatically turn off mirroring, if new displays are attached
  • Automatically turn on mirroring, if new displays are attached
  • Launch at login automatically for your convenience
  • Set your wallpaper as wallpaper on each new screen
  • Keep the built-in display as the primary display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure the behaviour for individual displays?
No! The configuration affects all additional displays which are attached.
I need troubleshooting or have an enhancement request, what to do?
Great, I'm always interested in feedback. In Mirror Display Control use the Feedback / Issue reporting item under Help or supply your request here. I try to get back to you as soon as possible.
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