Projektor is a sophisticated macOS application for intelligently presenting PDF slides. Continue to create your slides with LaTeX Beamer and present the resulting PDF file with Projektor. Of course, the PDF file may have been created with another program. As befits a presentation program, Projektor disables the sleep mode of your Mac while you are presenting.

External screens are automatically connected. The main and external displays are listed with their current resolution. When an external screen is detected, its position relative to the main screen is displayed.

For rehearsing purposes, Projektor displays the presentation view on your main screen when no external display is connected. This will help you practice your presentations with the same view you will have during your speech.

There is also a LaTeX style file that you can use to create a note file. The notes are displayed next to the slides.


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  • Screenshot macOS app Projektor light theme.
    Editing view
  • Screenshot macOS app Projektor light theme.
    Presenting view
  • Screenshot macOS app Projektor dark theme.
    Dark mode with bold note


  • Presenter view with current and next slide view
  • A timer showing the current time and elapsed time
  • Draw on slide during presentation and save the newly created drawing
  • Add notes to the PDF and save the PDF together with the notes in a dedicated format: PDC (Projektor Document Container)
  • Notes editor

Supported Clickers / Presenters

Of course, Projektor supports different types of clickers or presenters. Most of them work naturally, they behave like a keyboard or mouse. A few of them use alternate key codes, which results in a not working gadget. In case this happens let me know and we will see, if I can enable your clicker.

Here is a list of clickers I know they work together with Projektor:

  • Satechi Bluetooth Rechargeable Wireless Pointer [ Amazon ]
  • Logitech Wireless Presenter [ Amazon ]

Additional Resources

pdcnotes a LaTeX style file for generating a notes file during a LaTeX run. More about this can be found here.

For your convenience there is a Projektor Document Container creator script, called pdcCreator, written in Python. This creates the PDC structure and copies the PDF and notes file, with the appropriate names, into the structure. More about pdcCreator can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Projektor work with any PDF?
Yes! You are not limited to PDF's created with LaTeX.
What is PDC?
PDC stands for Projektor Document Container. It is a special format of Projektor which keeps the PDF and notes file together.
Why is there a special file format?
For your convenience. You can easily copy or move just a single file and cannot forget the notes files.
Do I need to convert all my PDF's into the PDC format?
No! Projektor is fine to work with just PDF's. In fact, if you do not need notes there is no benefit from the PDC format.
How can I create a PDC file?
There are two ways creating a PDC file. Open your desired PDF with Projektor and use the "Save As" menu item. As an alternative, there is a Python script which creates a PDF file out of a PDF and notes file.
Can I create notes even without LaTeX Beamer?
Yes! Projektor is fully capable of creating and editing notes. Just open a PDF and enter your notes. Then use "Save As" to create a PDC file and preserve your notes for later use.

Can I try Projektor before I buy?
Yes! There is a special trial version to help you decide whether Projektor does what you need.
macOS claims that the trial version is damaged, what can I do?
This is Gatekeeper macOS's system protector. All my trial apps are signed with an identifier developer signature. However, you need to allow such apps in your security preferences. See Apple's support document: HT202491.
I need troubleshooting or have an enhancement request, what to do?
Great, I'm always interested in feedback. In Projektor use the Feedback / Issue reporting item under Help or supply your request here. I try to get back to you as soon as possible.
Can't find the answer you are looking for?